Ants and Lizard Control Service in Chennai

Ants and Lizard Control Service in Chennai

Ants and Lizard Control Service in Chennai

Lizards Control

The lizards which are found in houses/offices are called house geckos. These are small in size and pesky reptiles which feed upon insects around building premises. House geckos are found on window sills and walls under the light source like tube lights or bulbs. Though these lizards are harmless and do not transmit any dread disease to humans still considered a pest because of personal comfort and social embarrassment. Aavinash constantly maintains its position as one of the best residential pest control services in Chennai and around Tamilnadu. We are also sought by several industrial and business sectors as we maintain ourselves as one of the best commercial pest control services in the southern region of India.

By using a trap we can able to reduce the gecko's number in your house or building but it is a long-term process, at least, two weeks are required. Glue boards should be placed near its hideout and windows. An effective way to get rid of lizards is by placing repellent in their path or hideout. We continue to be on top standards and serve our customers with friendly and quality service which makes us the No.1 in pest control services for lizard.

Ants Control

Ants are one of the most common pests found around the world. More than 10,000 known ant species were found on earth, especially in the tropical forest region. Ants may look like termites but there is a major difference in their physical appearance as well as feeding habit. They communicate and cooperate with the help of chemicals it alerts others or leads them to the food source.

The infestation of ants can be controlled by proper food storage and waste management. Cleaning the kitchen surface and vacuuming it on a daily basis. Ants enter into the building structure through cracks or crevices to eliminate ants permanently are by finding their nest and treating it with an insecticide. In the case of a nest is not found we can prevent the house from ants by applying an insecticide barrier around the building exterior. But this can only stop them temporarily re-treatment need to be done. When safety and healthy living is in your mind, the first thought that comes to your mind is to keep ants far and away. Look for Aavinash Pest Control Services for ants and we are here to help you.

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